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WebVu 5.0x

Adding a Transaction


1. From the WebVu by SDC window, select the Transactions icon.
2. Left-Click on Add Transaction which is right next to the WebVu logo; the window will change.
3. Select the proper location to which the transaction should be added. A window will popup that says SDC WebVu Transaction.
4. In the SDC WebVu Transaction window, enter the information under the Transaction Detail tab. Failure to enter requested fields may result in a rejected transaction.
5. Click Add. If the authorization number was entered, the transaction will be added to your Transactions icon; you are finished. If a transaction is entered without an authorization number, WebVu will display a window reading "Authorize now?" Choose OK and continue to step 6.
6. If the authorization is declined or not completed, click Close to return to the transaction icon and complete the remaining steps below.
7. Left-Click on the transaction’s reference number to edit it and go to step 8. If you want to delete the transaction and start over, Left-Click on the reference number and choose Delete. Then return to step 1 to re-enter it.
8. Once you are done editing the transaction, click Update. WebVu will display a window reading "Authorize now?" Choose Close and return to step 6.

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